The Thule Consortium

Council of 3

In the time following Mako the Black’s defeat, the people of Ule realized that they needed to band together for mutual safety.  The decades long war had taken a terrible toll on the land.  The realms of elves, dragonborn, and halflings proposed a pact of mutual protection.  The first meeting of their ruling families took place at a point near their mutual borders called Fulcire.  Treaties were signed and the Council of 3 was formed.


Over the course of the following centuries, the prosperity these three nations shared became the envy of the other great races.  The passage of time had tempered even the most aggressive nations’ taste for war, though.  Cooler heads eventually prevailed and diplomacy saved the day.  Each species in turn signed the necessary treaties to join the increasingly inappropriately named Council of 3.  Ancient grudges were set aside and it was agreed that they should now call themselves People of Ule or Th’Ule in the day’s tongue. While each will presently tell you that the original language was theirs, the truth is that the historical records are incomplete on the specific nascency.

Thule Consortium

With the final addition of the orcs, the Thule Consortium solidified into the nation we have today.  Fulcire was chosen as the independant capital seat of the nation due to its historical impact and centralized location.

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