The Anti-Autumn Maple Forest

Also known as the Always Autumn Maple forest, this anomaly is suspected to be a closely linked to the Feywild and the Autumn Court of the Seelie Fey. It appears once a year in the spring in one of several locations, but always in an otherwise normal maple forest. The climate in the forest is preternaturally that of fall and even the constellations seem to shift when inside the borders. As you may expect, the trees are adorned with autumn leaves for one year. At the beginning of the following spring the trees return to their normal cycle and the forest can be found in a new location. Those with the means, and a love of autumn, often try to hold important ceremonies in the forest.

If you believe in fae tales, it’s said the Fox, from the The Fox and the Fairy Queen, often used this forest to visit the Fae Realms when protecting his queen. However, there’s been no evidence in recent history that the forest is any sort of gateway.

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