Pun Pun’s Test Page

Hello Friends! I’m Pun Pun. Just a lowly kobold assigned to perform the menial chores for the Master Archivists. I hope to one day prove myself useful enough to go out into the world and become a Wandering Scholar. For now, I’m not much more than an indentured servant in this disorganized archive of ours. Please feel free to use this page to try different wiki features. You can find more info on the formatting and creation help pages!

When I was a young kobold…

This is the story all about how my life got flipped…

Pun Pun’s Todo List

  • Launder Chadwick’s cloak
  • Mend Chadwick’s Tunic
  • Put a Smeckle Fruit in Dex’s chamber pot
  • Sweep The Catacombs
  • Don’t get eaten by things in The Catacombs

(anyone may edit this page without contacting me)

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