Posting Conventions


The Guild Archives are not a traditonal wiki in the sense that there is objectively right/wrong information. As such, we want to establish some rules for how to treat other people’s content. Each page represents someone’s effort in helping bring the world to life. It’s ok if you don’t agree with their entry (assuming it follows the community standards) but please don’t change their contributions without their consent. You can always create your own entry or alternate version. As this little project grows, we’ll migrate the most popular content into an official canon wiki. The content here may still be relevant to the game (even if we don’t mark it as canon) so any contribution has the potential to be valuable to players searching for clues.

Editing Page Content

You may edit any page you create as much as you like! You may want to be careful not to change the “facts” too much if you know other people have built on some of your ideas, but that’s up to you.

Minor Revisions

Minor revisions are spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Feel free to make those on other people’s pages to improve the readability of the wiki. Before you do though, make sure you pay attention to the context of the entry as some people may be writing something from the viewpoint of a barely literate farmer on purpose to add to the storytelling. When making minor revisions, use the Save Minor Edit button instead of the save button.

Major Revisions

Major content revisions are ones that objectively change the message or meaning of the work. If, at any point, you see an entry from another user that you think needs to be updated, the simple rule is get consent! 

We enabled comments at the bottom of the pages. You can tag a user (@username) to ask for their permission or request they make the edits. If they let you do it, go for it! If not, feel free to make a new wiki entry but with a different title. If you’ve played Skyrim, there is a good example you can reference. The game has books called The Biography of Barenziah and The Real Barenziah. They tell the same story but from very different viewpoints. It’s totally acceptable to do that in the guild archives!


Free-Edit Tag

If you, as the page creator, aren’t particularly married to your ideas and just want to provide them more as writing prompts, simply tag your page as “free-edit” and put this line toward the end of your content:
(anyone may edit this page without contacting me)


Some pages like the list of guild members or the oceans are content buckets we created for people to be able to place links to their content to make it easier to find. Those have an index-page tag, and you can freely add link hooks to your content where appropriate. Feel free to create your own index style pages and assign this tag if you find content needs additional organization.


The last type of edit you may want to make is non-collaborative addition to a page. This is useful if the content you add doesn’t need a new page and is relatively short. Maybe it’s just adding an additional rumor to be researched. Look for the append-ok tag on pages and you can freely add your thoughts. Here is an example of that, note the horizontal line between entries and the author names at the end. If you created a rumor type page, or one that fits the model, feel free to use this tag.

??? Content

You may occasionally see 3 question marks. They just represent a generic placeholder so we could style a page. Feel free to replace them with your own content when appropriate.

Collaborative Pages

You and another person may want to collaborate on content. Whether that takes the form of debating back and forth in the entry as to the true color of a flumph or just the two of you writing collaboratively is up to you! The wiki only allows attribution for the original page creator (and subsequent editors). If you collaborate with someone, please include a reference toward the bottom that tells everyone who else you worked with.

(in collaboration with @Pun Pun)

Linked Entries and “Hooks”

Your content may lead to additional pages you haven’t yet made, or you may see pages with red links that indicate a hook.  This happens when you add a link to a wiki page while editing but the page doesn’t exist. By default, if you see a page with red hooks in them they are reserved for the original author to expound on an idea. However if you would like to provide hooks for other people to use just include (open page) after the wiki link in the text. This will allow other users to know that they can click that link and make a new page! If you are a user who picks up an (open page) link, be sure to go back and remove the (open page) text after you have created your page based on the hook.

Pun Pun and Dex Hooks

Pages created by Pun Pun and Dex are the exception to the rule above. If you see red hooks on their pages, feel free to create new content and run with it. We have seeded content from the two of them in the site to help people get started if they are feeling overwhelmed.

Setting Overview

While you can certainly add any content you want to this archive it can be helpful to have some guard rails in place so you don’t feel overwhelmed. The closer your content is to the guidelines, the more likely it will be to make it into the official guild knowledge base. As a rule of thumb, if there isn’t a game mechanic for an entry (like a gun) in 5e d&d, then it’s going to be hard to fit into the game world.

The Hunters of Avalon setting is high fantasy with magic existing but becoming increasingly hard to find as it seems to be leaving the world. Technology is limited to medieval weaponry (no gunpowder or advanced technologies) and early steampunk. Gnomes and dwarves in particular are clever engineers and you may find steam powered automatons or silly gadgets in their cultures. You may absolutely add things from existing real world cultures  -asian inspired architecture for example instead of classic castles - if you like.  

There is no strict calendar. The guild keeps its records acording to when it was founded but elves, dwarves and different kingdoms have their own measures of time. Some even count the years differently based on moon cycles or other astronomical events. As such, don’t get too hung up on when any given thing happened in relation to another. The world timeline will be a project for a scholar at a later date.


You can write your entries from any point of view you want (first person, third person, etc.) or the entries could just be recipes or a tax ledger from a long gone empire. The important thing to keep in mind is YOU are a character in the world providing the information to the guild. It could be a story your cousin told you, a bit of folklore that you learned in a remote mountain villiage, or just a tasty meatpie recipe you think should be shared. Maybe you consider yourself an all knowing wizard or just a guard of merchant caravans. The important thing is that the content feels more “real” when you think about it from the perspective of people in the world, not as an omniscient wiki user. You’ll probably find it much easier to write in character as well since it narrows the focus to something more manageable. Since this wiki is intended to be in the view of people in the world, you needn’t include game stats of items or any game mechanics. Let’s just focus on the storytelling aspect and, if the item ends up in a real game, we will add that information on our side.

Tone and Content

At the end of the day we want Hunters of Avalon to be accessible to all players. Their challenges at the event involve working as a team and overcoming the obstacles we put in front of them. The challenges will rarely, if ever, revolve around geopolitical issues, racism, genocide or other such themes. There are plenty of settings that embrace those themes but we don’t have much use for them at our events. That said, this is your wiki to fill. If you feel like the best storytelling will involve these things, you may do so. Just be aware that they may not make it into the “official” archives down the road. If you decide darker storytelling is your thing, please be sure to put a trigger warning at the top of the page and tag it appropriately (see our community standards for more info).

Please be sure that any content you enter isn’t copied from published materials and/or the content is in an open source system reference document or similar. Hunters of Avalon is fairly system agnostic. While we currently run games with the 5E D&D ruleset, that could change in the future. There are a few place (Bestiary and Spells) where the game system runs up against the lore rather closely. If in doubt, create your own entry and don’t worry about how it fits into a game system. 

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