Pantheon of Gods

Herein lies an incomplete list of the gods. Please add to it as you find information on various dieties. A special entry exists for demigods if you uncover knowledge of a mortal with a god as one of it’s parents, or if you find evidence that not all gods are equal in power… though that would be hard to prove indeed.

Worshipers of various deities are judged more on if they follow the god’s ideals (Domains) than if they attend services on a regular basis. Each of the known gods is resides primarily in one of the planes, though interactions with them are rare.

Gods of the Astral Plane

Bahamut - God of Justice Lawful Good Justice
Ura - Goddess of the Sun and LightLawful GoodSun, Light
Minari - ???Lawful Good???

Gods of Purgatorium

Watshiwako - God of Death and Presence Neutral Death, Focus
Dresh - Goddess of Shadows and NightChaotic NeutralTravel, Darkness
Pend - Goddess of SecretsLawful Neutral???

Gods of the Material Plane

Fingola - ???Neutral Good???
Scheat - ???Neutral Evil???
Caellor - ???Neutral???
Barthas - God of Luck and Wanderers Chaotic Neutral Luck, Travel

Gods of the Fae Realms

Speikk - God of IndulgenceChaotic Good???
Vorrinia “Vinemother” - Goddess of Forests and PlantsChaotic Good???
Orribus “Winged King” - ???Chaotic Good???

Gods of the Infernal Coils (The Rings)

Tiamat - Goddess of Greed and Power Lawful Evil???
Phrax - ???Lawful Evil???
Skaald - ???Lawful Evil???

Gods of the Infernal Coils (The Abyss)

Araknia - Goddess of SufferingChaotic Evil???
Thrakadum - God of DestructionChaotic Evil???
Kkorigg- ???Chaotic Evil???

Gods of the Primordial

Galskapir - God of MadnessChaotic NeutralMadness


Unlike the primary deities of the realm, you may encounter a demigod from time to time.

NameParentage (Deity)AlignmentTemperament

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