Magical Theory


This discussion on Magical Theory is relevant primarily to the material plane.  With the exception of the primordial, we assume that magic works largely the same on every plane of existence. Due to the rarity of interplanar travel, and the disinterest of most scholars to research the disappearance of magic, there has been little study done on the differences in magic from one plane to the next. 

It’s generally accepted that magic itself is a universal force like gravity. The main difference between forces like gravity and magic is that they are universal constants and magic is a universal inconstant.  This may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but the reason magic works is it’s rather like dough that can be shaped and molded into whatever form the caster needs. Furthermore, whereas a force like gravity works regardless of where you are on the planet, magic seems to fluctuate in it’s effectiveness. This is why a wizard may be able to enchant a magical weapon in just about any location, but can only cast a highly effective fireball spell in places of high concentration of magical energy. 

The source of these concentrations of magical energy is of great interest to the guild. Some scholars believe they are places touched by the Primordial or the Grael themselves. The guild believes they are places that dragons once made their homes. Any information as to the source of such places of power should be reported immediately.

Rules of Magic Use

An in depth discussion of how magic is formed by various casters can be found in the entry on Magic Users. In general, it’s enough to know that each type of spell caster applies their understanding of weaving the fabric of magic through conventions found in various Planes of Existence. Some casters, like Sorcerers, are born with an innate understanding of how to manipulate magic from the primordial. Others, like Wizards and Clerics, have an affinity for rules that shape magic from other planes but must study or access those methods through worship of deities. 

Magic Item Attunement

Extremely powerful magic items require an attunement period. You must have the item in your possession for 8 hours before the magical properties will begin to work. You can only have 3 items attuned at a time. If you gain any more, they will not attune to you over the 8 hour period unless you end your attunement to an existing item first. Attunement can be ended at will and the benefits of using the item are ended immediately. You must wait 8 hours with the item in your possession to use it again. 

Ring Attunement

All magic rings require attunement. While you may equip up to 3 items that require attunement at a time, Magic Rings are unique in that you may only wear 1 without special training. Attempting to do so without that training can result in rendering all your magical equipment inert, or even greatly damaging the user. 

Anti-magic Zones

While incredibly rare, it’s important to remember that if one is caught in and anti-magic zone, all attunements are ended instantly and will require an 8 hour period to reattune the item.

Supernatural Abilities

Beings with supernatural abilities, darkvision or a halflings luck for example, may find these abilites diminished or entirely ineffective outside of areas of high concentration of magic. While you may think they would choose to make their homes in such places to take advantage of their racial apptitudes, it’s also true that creatures of great evil seek out these locations and the danger of living in them increases exponentially. Which is not to say there are no signs of civilization in such areas, just that it requires a high tolerance for risk for anyone to settle down where magic is highly effective. 

The Disappearance of Magic

By studying the strength of magical effects in places like Lake Cyrikon, the guild has ascertained that magic is diminishing in the world and that the rate of disappearance is increasing dramatically. Scholars in the The Mage Guild believe it to be a “normal” cyclical change and just the natural order of things. However they are unable, or unwilling, to explain the  rapid decrease of magic in areas of high concentration over the last 300 years. In fact, the Guild of Avalon is the only organization that seems to be taking the imminent threat seriously.




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