Wiki Page Creation

How to Make a Wiki Page

Making a wiki page is easy! Just follow these steps!

Step 1: Create the page

Click on wiki in the Wiki Tools menu on the left, then select “Create Wiki Page” under Wiki Home.
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Enter your new page title. Use normal words and spacing (no need for CamelCase or any other formatting) but avoid using special characters in page titles . Click the Create Page button once you picked your title. Don’t worry, you can edit your title later if you need to.
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Step 2: Edit the page

After creating the page, you will be taken to a blank page with just the title. You can edit it by using the buttons on the bottom of the screen 
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or the button on the upper right
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Reminder: Do not edit other user’s pages for content. Just grammar, punctuation,  and spelling as outlined in our Posting Conventions. If you have content suggestions, use the comments!

Step 3: Enter your lore

Using the WYSIWYG editor or wiki syntax, put your enter your content! You can find more info on how to do that here.

You may find while wrting that something would make a great new entry page. Maybe you’re writing about a mad king but his kingdom would be it’s own entry. You can click the icon for enter wiki link Screen Shot 2020 09 14 At 3.05.49 PM  and get this popup
Screen Shot 2020 09 17 At 5.53.47 PM  
fill in the text you want on the page in the “Show this text” field. 
(hint: if you highlight text and then click the wiki link icon, it will auto fill the “Show this text” field)

If you start typing a page name in the “Link to this page field”, it will autopopulate with existing pages.

If the page you want doesn’t exist, don’t worry! Just enter what you want the page name to be. Once you save your wiki entry, it will show up as a red link and if you click it a new page will be created! In fact this is a great way to leave hooks for other people to collaboratively create pages off your ideas!  

The Semantic relation field isn’t anything you need to worry about.

Step 4: Add Categories and Tags

 Using the tabs at the top of the page, please select at least 1 category. Feel free to add your entry to as many categories/subcategories as are appropriate. You can also use/make up as many tags as you like! tags are a great way for us to determine if new content categories need to be created. You’re making entries easier to find for other users by using categories and tags. You can safely ignore the properties tab
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Step 5: Save

Your entry is done! Now you just have to save it! Do this by clicking the save button at the bottom.
Screen Shot 2020 09 17 At 6.06.56 PM If you’ve made edits to a page, it’s always helpful to write in a quick note as to what you changed. 

Note: If you’re just cleaning up grammar/spelling/punctuation, you can use the save as a minor edit button. It helps keep track of versions in our system.

Misc Information

Auto generated content

When editing some pages, you may see a toc (table of contents) at the top or links at the bottom of the page to similarly named pages. Please don’t delete these. They help search engines find pages that are renamed and allow us to organize the content to make it easier to navigate.

Changing a page name

If you choose to rename a page, please make sure you select the redirect original page box when renaming. Again it’s useful for search engines.
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Rating Pages

We implemented a simple like system to allow contributors to vote on what content they think should be canon in the final world lore. Feel free to provide feedback for other people to make their lore better! Maybe even go through and change your votes if people make the content better over time. Simply click the ranking you thing is most appropriate to cast your vote.

Screen Shot 2020 09 30 At 11.19.11 AM  

Mostly Myth means you like their contribution but don’t feel it fits the game world.

Probably A Rumor means it fits in the world but is an outlier and isn’t representative of all the world or similar content (fuschia unicorns instead of white, for example).

Needs Guild Verification means it would fit really well in the world if not for some loose ends that need tied up.

Make It Canon means it’s ready to be a permanent part of the Lore with only minor tweaks.

Pun Pun’s Test Page

We created Pun Pun’s Test Page so you can play around with different styling options. Only 1 user at a time can do it but feel free to make any edits you want.

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