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As you can see, years of underfunding and poor record keeping have left things a bit… thin. Not to mention the damage done by guild members with poor organizational skills *cough*Chadwick von Drake*cough*… That’s where you come in. We’re humbly requesting documentation of things you’ve seen, places you’ve been, or even just rumors and stories you’ve heard. Should you ever decide to join in on a guild mission, I’ll see what I can do to slip a little extra coin in your starting stipend for your efforts here.

One last thing - at this point we aren’t particularly picky about lore you provide. You can even share your own version of a historical event that someone else has posted. Maybe there was a long forgotten war for which you uncovered an alternate source of the initial conflict, or maybe you just heard unicorns are black instead of white. Whatever the case, most entries needn’t be mutually exclusive. If you have information that differs from another source, it’s likely just as valid.  We do ask, however, that you follow the community standards and posting conventions we’ve established.  

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Before you do anything else, you’ll need to register for an account.  You can click the login menu at the top right and select register. We will need to validate each account as it is created so please be patient. When selecting a username, please keep it thematically appropriate for a person in a fantasy game setting. Think of it more as a character name than a typical website username. The name will show up on all your posts as an author so keep that in mind! We will decline any registrations of users with inapproriate or non immersive usernames.

Please review the following then feel free to start entering lore!

  1. Community Standards

  2. Posting Conventions

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