The Infernal Coils

This is the realm of Demons and Devils. Theologians believe a war has been raging between the two since the beginning of time. The demons looking to turn all of the Infernal realms into chaos, while the devils strive to bring order no matter how evil. Both believe their path to be the one true way to subjugate the other planes.

- Long Dead Archivist

Other useful notes:

  • It’s hot
  • Dont’ trust the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (raisins)
  • They seem to be equally resistant to my presence as the beings on the Astral Plane
  • The Third Coil is optimal for brewing Red Velvet Leaf Tea (you have to harvest the leaves in The Fae Realms)
  • Devils have a strict code of the right and wrong way to cheat… they are rather fond of loopholes in contracts
  • Demons are obsessed with dismemberment, or was it disembowlment? 

-Chadwick Von Drake


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