The Fae Realms

Stay away from the courts. The intrigue will almost assuredly kill you. In fact, just stay out of the Fae Realms all together. The denizens aren’t necessarily evil, but they like their tricks and games and you’ll likely never understand the rules if you live 10 lifetimes.

If you do fine yourself there, enjoy the wine. Unseelie wine is a deep red and earthy, Seelie wine is crystal clear and slightly sweet. Should you wander into either of the Fae Courts, you’ve a marginally better chance of escaping the Seelie Fae unchanged.

Other Notes:

  • Don’t accept gifts. Ever.
  • Follow the Wisps not the Wysps
  • Some of the less reputable guilds will pay top dollar for certain mushrooms
  • Only place you can find leaves for Red Velvet Leaf Tea 

- Chadwick Von Drake

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