There are 3 primary scroll types. As with many things in the realm of magical theory, semantics matter.

Enchantment Scrolls

Due to their incredible versatility, enchantment scrolls are of the greatest value to the guild outside of relics and raw condensed magic. They are scrolls that, when a skilled enchanter casts the scroll’s magic upon a well wrought item, produce enchanted adventuring gear. The scroll will describe the type of item it can be applied to and any restrictions. The scroll is destroyed upon use.

An item may only be enchanted once and can only hold a single enchantment. Attempting to enchant an item with an enchantment already on it will destroy the scroll and, possibly, the item.

A complete list of Enchantment Scrolls can be found here.


Understanding ring enchantment is of particular importance to guild members. Rings are unique in that any enchantment can be cast on a ring and the magic will extend to the appropriate item when used.  In such a way it can be more beneficial to enchant, for example, a ring with an Enchantment Scroll of Trips Magic Shovel vs a shovel itself. With a ring, any shovel you use will benefit from the appropriate enchantment spell.

Be warned: Without special training it is extremely dangerous to wear more than one magical ring at a time; it’s possible to negate the magic of both rings and greatly harm the wearer if such a thing is attempted without proper education in the magical arts. Switching rings requires an attunement period (see the attunement period under magical theory).

Spell Scrolls

Spell scrolls are simply scrolls that have a spell inscribed on them. The primary difference between these and a scroll of magical effect is that only a Spell Caster with knowledge of the spell, if not the immediate ability to cast it, can use such a scroll. They are recognized in a couple of ways:

  1. The name of the spell typically appears in large, friendly letters at the top of the scroll.
  2. Those without the apptitude to cast the spell just see jibberish when they attempt to cast the spell.

For reference, a caster needs not have the ability to cast the spell immediately, if the spell is one they could cast after attaining more knowledge of the magical arts they may still attempt to cast the spell from the scroll, They will simply need to test the limits of their magical knowledge. Succeed or fail, the scroll is destroyed up on use.

A complete list of Spell Scrolls can be found here.

Scrolls of Magical Effect

Scrolls of Magical Effect can be cast by anyone, even non spellcasters. They are much more rare and difficult to produce. How do you tell the differecnce between a Spell Scroll and a Scroll of Magical Effect? As mentioned, semantics matter. If, for example, you find a scroll whose title is ”Scroll of Fireball”, anyone can cast from it. If you find a scroll whose title is simply “Fireball” only those casters with fireball on their spell list can cast from it.

Most, but not all, spells can be either a spell scroll or a scroll of magical effect. Some scrolls of magical effect don’t appear on any spell list and are just wonderous effects. Like a Scroll of Iridescent Bubbles. Regardless of the magical origin, scrolls of magical effect are destroyed upon use.

A Complete list of Scrolls of Magical Effect can be found here.


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