Ranking and Chain of Command

The Tiers

There are 5 Tiers of guild ranking, divided into 10 sub-ranks per Tier. Each sub-rank is known as a Scale. After earning their 10th Scale in a Tier, a member advances to the next Tier – a 10 Scale Greenhorn becomes a 1 Scale Agent. Some of the higher ranked members are sometimes selected for scouting or solo missions. This doesn’t mean that they won’t also be selected for a group mission if their specific skill set is needed, just that they’ve earned the trust of the High Council to be sent out on their own.


All guild members start out as Greenhorns. Their missions tend to be farther out in the field and have the lowest chance of survivability. Greenhorns start each mission with a small stipend of 10 copper pieces. As they earn their Scales, they will start with more money and occasionally a consumable magic item.


Agents are typically in charge of overseeing the missions of 10 Greenhorns at a time. They are given a stipend of 2 silver pieces per mission and are given a few resources to ensure the survival of their wards. Since they are rated on if the resources were used (as opposed to being returned to the guild), it’s not a sure thing they will be inclined to help a wreckless greenhorn. Agents typically have some knowledge of the customs and geography of the area in which the mission is happening that Greenhorns can tap into. They are rarely given solo missions before they have reached their 8th Scale. When they do receive them, the missions are for scouting and information only.


Journeyman are, as you may expect, quintessential middle management. They are often in charge of hunting down rumors and scouting locations of future missions. When no Agents are available to oversee the Greenhorns, they fulfill that role. After they reach their 5th Scale, they are entrusted with solo missions of low to moderate danger. They typically get a stipend of 5 silver pieces per mission and are allowed to check out common and uncommon enchanted adventuring gear for use in completing their tasks. The two factions may begin contacting them about helping serve their agenda, but they aren’t typically aligned with one or the other.


Guild Masters are fewest in number outside of the High Council. They are often sent on dangerous solo missions and are entrusted with a badge of office in the form of a key. The key is in some way attuned to the Guild Master but beyond that, little of it’s purpose is known. Guild Masters are given as much as a gold piece (100 copper pieces) per mission and can have their pick of several magical items to use. They tend to be heavily aligned with one of the factions and often receive “bonuses” based on how well a completed mission aligned with the factions goals. 

High Council

The Guild High council is made up of 13 members. The only way a Guild Master is promoted to the High Council is when a High Council member dies. There are rumors that 6 of the members align with the chromatic dragon faction and the other 6 align with the metallic dragon faction. Their leader, H, is an enigma and few hunters outside the High Council have laid eyes on her.

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