Other Guilds

Though obviously the most important, the Guild of Avalon is far from the only game in town.  Guilds comprise a central and integral, if ofttimes unsavory, cog in the wheel of Thule society.  Guilds are highly specialized collectives of individuals working together for a singular purpose.  To be recognized within the Thule Consortium, a guild must be sanctioned through governmental licenses.  The ethos of numerous guilds clearly do not follow such rules.  

Sanctioned Guilds

Guilds that largely operate within the law.  Sanctioned guilds have halls of varying sizes according to their station.  These headquarters are all located in the Guild Quarter of Fulcire.

Unsanctioned Guilds

For a myriad of reasons, unsanctioned guilds do not undertake the bureaucratic steps necessary to operate legally.  Some do not meet the monetary or enrollment requirements, while others are wholly criminal enterprises.

International Guilds

Infrequently, a guild founded outside of Thule will apply for special dispensation to operate within our borders.  These are generally merchant guilds and are granted modest headquarter accomodations near the Guild Quarter.

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