Orc Moot

To the north of Buried Peak, lies the orc ancestral homelands.  Many millennia ago, the orcs were driven from their lands by an alliance of dwarf, gnome, and halfling armies.  With their admittance to the Thule Consortium, treaties were brokered to allow the multitudinous orc tribes to send representatives through others’ lands to rekindle their most sacred of religious ceremonies: The Moot.

Every 500 years, the flora and fauna of this far flung land succumb to a changing.  Timberwolves give birth to frost wolf pups, pine cones turn silver, and unwitting travelers have a disturbing tendency to disappear.  The orc revelers hunt frost creatures for prized trophies.  Thus the orc tribe heirarchy is established by whomever can bring home the most acclaim.

The source of this changing has yet to be uncovered.

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