In Yggdra, history is… difficult to pin down. As there is no agreed upon calendar, it is quite challenging to cross reference events from one era to another or even one culture to another. Each race, many of the guilds, and even the consortium keeps their own calendar. If you can attribute a date to your findings please do so along with which calendar you are referenceing (elven, dwarven, merchant guild, thule consortium, etc.)

Generally speaking, historical events happen in one of three eras.  Chronicled personages refers to mortals of significant historical import who are no longer with us. They may be categorized in any of the three eras but the majority tend to be in the Era of Strife.

The Ancient Era:

A time when recorded history is rare and the information is passed down in spoken Myths, Folklore, and Legends

The Era of Strife:

A period of time in which many wars were fought and civizations flourished and perished. The Dwarven Clan Wars are a prime example of this time. 

The Era of Peace:

Roughly marked by the start of the Thule Consortium, it’s the time we live in now. Some historians predate the start of the era to the end of the last great war, but since that is hard to pin down it’s generally accepted that the Era of Peace began within 100 years of the last race (the Orcs) joining the Consortium. 

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