Guild of Avalon

The dragons disappeared 10,000 years ago. All of them.

Well, not the mindless drakes, the dragonborn, or other derivatives, but the True Dragons, the chromatic ones—red, black, blues, white, green—and the metallic ones—platinum, gold, silver, bronze. As well as all the others…simply vanished. Some people think they never existed. That the Elves and Dwarves have always known the secrets of forging magic weapons or rings. That the wizards of the world learned their spells and alchemy through years of trial and error. That sorcerers and the dragonborn have always had the magic in their bloodlines.

The guild has evidence that magic is disappearing from the world. It’s members are called Dragon Hunters, or simply Hunters for short, and are working to collect magical artifacts in an effort to solve the mystery of why. The members are few in number since the Guild doesn’t pay particularly well and the work is often times fruitless. The guild has a fairly straightforward hierarchy and, as members gain ranks, there are 2 factions with which they can choose to align. 

No one has actually ever found a dragon, but the guild has been documenting and collecting any dragon-related information for the last 300 years. Even the guild name is an obscure reference to the disappearance of the dragons: The guild discovered an ancient tome shortly after their founding, a journal of sorts written in draconic with platinum ink. Most of it was destroyed or impossible to translate, but one passage at the end, roughly translated from the draconic, said, “We go to Avalon. The birthplace of magic. The birthplace of dragons.”

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