At the center of all creation is Yggdra, the world on which we all live. To understand it’s place in the universe, I suppose you must first understand the universe itself. As this is more the purview of theologians than geographers, you can find that information in the archives under: The Planes

The bounds of Yggdra have yet to be fully explored and new discoveries are always being made. The geographic research contained herein can be sorted into the following.

Continents and Oceans

A collection of known land masses and their surrounding bodies of water.

Dungeons and Ruins

Noteworthy dungeons and ancient ruins, their dangers, and potential significance to the guild.


Mostly used by guild alchemists for information on various reagents used in potions and poisons. For information on sentient plants please refer to the bestiary


An incomplete list of countries currently in existence and their important cities. For knowledge of ancient empires and civilizations largely lost to the flow of time, please see: History.

Notable Terrain and Unusual Geography

Keeping an eye out for terrain and geography that seems to operate outside the natural order of things has been an invaluable tool in guild research. Rivers that flow uphill, underground caverns made entirely of diamond, or even trees whose foliage turns counter to the seasons have been observed.


Due to the sheer number of important creatures to catalog, the beastiary has been given it’s own wing of the guild archives.

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