As members earn their way up the ranks, they’ll inevitably be contacted to perform “side missions” for one of the two factions. As the factions have the same end goal (stopping magic from disappearing from the world), it’s generally accepted guild behavior. However, it’s expected that guild members fulfill their primary mission goals first and don’t interfere with other guild member side missions. It’s possible that a member completes jobs for both factions or neither. However most guild members tend to align with one or the other over time and as they do more jobs for one will find fewer offers coming from the other.

The two factions align with the two primary types of dragons - chromatic and metallic.

The Metallic Faction

The metallic faction is named after the dragons of lore who believed that only by sharing knowledge could true prosperity be achieved. Members of this faction believe the guild should be finding ways to open their magical vaults for use by all peoples. To them, keeping magic consolidated in one place disrupts the magical ecosystem and hastens the time when magic will be gone for good.

The Chromatic Faction

The chromatic faction is named for dragons who believed that only by first consolidating power could prosperity be bestowed on the worthy. Members of this faction advocate for hoarding all magical secrets for further study. They believe only by understanding all facets of magic can the slow leeching of magic from Yggdra be reversed.

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