Consumable Magic Items

The guild has 3 broad categories of consumable magic items. More can be added if suitable examples are found which don’t fit into the current system.

Poisons and Their Ingredients

While there is certainly precedent for poisons from more mundane sources, the rule of thumb we follow is if it takes magic to cure it, it probably took magic to make it. Ingredients are important to document when you discover a new poison as they are often imbued with magical properties necessary for an antidote. 

Potions and How to Brew Them

Here you’ll find documentation for the common healing potion and more. The guild is always interested in new recipes and the ingredients that are necessary to produce the potions.  There does seem to be some debate on whether Dwarven Blackout Ale is a potion or a poison, but, as no one has actually died from it who was otherwise in good health, we tend to put it in with the former. Should anyone discover the true recipe from a dwarven brewmaster, they will be well compensated.


Enchantment Scrolls are of particular significance to the guild as they allow us to best outfit our members for dangerous missions. However, we also collect spell scrolls of any type along with any scroll of magical effect


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