Community Standards

Rule Zero, just like at our events, is “Don’t Be a Dick”.


  1. Get consent before making major edits to someone’s content.

  2. Do your best to coexist with other wiki users.

  3. Act like a responsible grownup even if you aren’t one.

  4. Don’t call people names or start comment flame wars.

  5. Stick with the tone of the setting (found on the posting conventions page). If you are going to post content that includes sensitive topics (genocide, rape, racism, mysogyny, etc.) make sure you have it tagged (as sensitivecontent) and include a trigger warning at the top of the page (see below).

  6. Conversely, don’t report content with sensitive topics if the OP gave you fair warning. You didn’t have to read it.

  7. Look for solutions if you have conflicting opinions about certain content. Remember two people can encounter the same mythical creature and have very different accounts. It’s ok to have multiple pages from two different points of view, or to even collaborate on a single page as long as each of you agrees to leave the others information unaltered.


A trigger warning should be placed before all page content and formatted with bold, italic, and underline:
Trigger warning: content trigger type here


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