As the permeating magical energies across Yggdra’s surface slowly diminish, so too does the wide array of more fantastical fauna populating her wild spaces.  Antiquarian records speak of vast herds of wild unicorns roaming the lush plains now known as the Barren Fields.  Today, one would be hard pressed to find a single such beast in the deepest recesses of the Schwarten Forest.  It becomes imperative that we strike a delicate balance between protecting these rarest of creatures and protecting ourselves from the dangers they potentially represent.  Knowledge is the first step in attaining that equilibrium.


Nightmare beings of singularly bizarre visage and immense mental or psychic abilities.


Colossal lizardesque beings of frightening intellect and magical power. Arguably the source of all terrestrial magic.  Also included are entries for dragon-like beasts, powerful in their own right.


The physical embodiments of nature’s wrath.

Fey Creatures

Capricious creatures entertwining magic and the natural world.


Beings of unadulterated wickedness.

Natural Creatures

Animals with seemingly no magical taint.

Sentient Plants

Locomatively enabled vegetation.

The Celestials

Purity and goodness personafied, though ofttimes aloof and mercurial.


The reincorporated disencorporate.

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